Primary Sponsor of the 2017 Southwest Invasion

Sometimes people think we’re nuts. Technically we’re drupes but that’s beside the point.

We’re excited to sponsor Southwest Invasion in the beautiful city of Austin, TX! We’ll be on the rooftop handing out our ZICO USDA-certified Organic, Fair Trade Certified™ Coconut Water that contains 5 electrolytes. For the science kids that’s potassium, magnesium, sodium, calcium, and phosphorus, all in which help keep you hydrated while you dehydrate. In shorter terms, we have your hydration needs covered.  

With every ZICO Organic you are enjoying the best of nature today, and helping build a better tomorrow for local Philippine farming communities by supporting organic farming, investment in farm productivity, community development projects, and farmer empowerment.

So come visit us and be sure take pictures and tag us on Instagram @zicococonut