true organic
official supplier of the 2016 southwest invasion 

Our roots run deep. Starting from our humble beginnings in 1968, we continue to remain TRUE to our family traditions: faith, hard work, and an honest approach to putting the freshest produce in your hands. Together, the Grimmway Farms family strives to be dedicated caretakers of the land and a dependable source for quality produce. It is our character, our consistency, and our care that makes us uniquely and ultimately TRUE.

The Grimmway story began almost 50 years ago when brothers Rod and Bob Grimm first set up a roadside produce stand in southern California, planting the seed that would flourish into today’s Grimmway Farms. When the time came to expand, the Grimm family moved their farming operation to Kern County, where they prospered under their dedication to quality and customer service. This commitment has provided opportunity to expand into the organic realm of farming as well as the juice category. While Grimmway is still best known for its carrot farming and innovation, their Cal-Organic division of organic vegetables continues to grow and diversify – now offering more than 65 different organic options. With the growth and expansions of the organic division, Grimmway ventured into the premium juice category, offering nine vibrant flavors of an organic blend of fruits and Cal-Organic vegetables under the TRUE Organic brand.