rishi tea
official supplier of the 2017 southwest invasion

Since 1997, Rishi Tea has led the industry in sourcing organic teas and exotic botanicals of extraordinary character.  This mission carries us around the globe every year at peak seasons to work and taste side-by-side with growers in the fields.  Discovering the many hidden gems of their traditional cultures inspires our blends and invigorates our passion for the culinary arts.  With an innovative spirit for trade, travel and study, we welcome you to join us on our botanical journey to leave No Leaf Unturned.™

As an entrepreneurial direct-trade tea company, we share many values with the Whole Planet Foundation. We consider the farmers we work with as our partners; their livelihoods, community development and environmental preservation are crucial factors for our mutual success. Firsthand experiences with our partners has convinced us that microcredit support can help facilitate growth and prosperity for our partners, and friends, in rural farming communities.   It is our honor and privilege to be able to support Whole Planet foundation for the third year in a row.

At Southwest Invasion, we are proud to be one of the featured brands in the Whole Planet Village and we look forward to sharing our refreshing new Turmeric Ginger Chai Tonic, as well as featured iced teas and hot ones too, if the temperatures dip.  We’ll have a team of Rishis on-hand doing the brewing and passing out bandanas, stickers, coasters and tea – of course!