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2017 and 2018 Southwest Invasions artist LAWRENCE are spending the summer performing live, and they couldn’t be happier. With tour dates taking them across America until at least August 11th, brother/sister duo Gracie and Clyde Lawrence, and their 8-piece pop/soul band, are currently opening for rapper/singer/songwriter/Long Island guy Jon Bellion. Jon has also worked with them on their forthcoming single, CASUALTY, out this Friday.

LAWRENCE are captivating the audience each night, with comments on social media such as “Super impressed by this young band who all play their own instruments and actually sound like real people,” “(Lawrence) has a stage presence that brings so much energy to a crowd... Thank you Jon Bellion for introducing us all to them,” “Found my band of the week. I fell in love with Lawrence tonight can’t wait to see you guys and Jon Bellion again in August” and “I have never been more into an opening band in my life. Lawrence has talent like no other, and their stage presence/energy is unmatched.”

If you get the chance to see one of their summer tour dates, do. Follow LAWRENCE on social media or check in at lawrencetheband.com for the latest.