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2012 Southwest Invasion headliners Imagine Dragons have been touring non-stop since their career took off with the release of NIGHT VISIONS that same year. What fans didn’t know is that lead singer Dan Reynold was battling an autoimmune disease. 

After several incorrect diagnoses, Dan found out he had ankylosing spondylitis which is acute arthritic condition which brings chronic pain. In order to help other people with the same condition, Dan started a non-profit called Monster Pain in the AS

He and four of his brothers have this condition and it was important for Dan to help others avoid misdiagnosis. “It’s scary for someone who’s in their early 20s to be told, ‘Something’s wrong with you.’ Dan plans to continue to use his “platform and privilege” to raise awareness around the disease as the Centers for Disease Control estimated roughly 2.7 million adults in the U.S. suffer from AS.